Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation
Modern travel fare aggregation sites gather all sorts of data from airline websites, travel agencies, and other sources. They search for the best deals across countless websites and present the results on their own site. Using proxies helps with the many challenges involved in collecting large amounts of data from different online sources.
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What Are the Biggest Challenges of Travel Fare Aggregation?
Most websites offering accommodation and airfares use certain mechanisms to prevent automated data scraping. They also often block any IP addresses operated by bots. Having unrestricted access to data in real-time regardless of location is essential for successful and reliable scraping.
  • Outdated Information
    A successful travel fare aggregator has to monitor and gather large amounts of data on flight and hotel pricing and ensure this information is accurate at all times. These prices change depending on the season, special promotional deals, and many other factors.
  • Website Complexity
    Most hotel and airfare websites can be a real challenge in terms of data scraping, primarily if they use JavaScript for dynamic page elements. On top of that, most websites monitor all incoming traffic and often block any IP addresses involved in suspicious activity.
  • Location Restrictions
    It's no secret that hotels and airfare companies offer different prices based on the website visitor's geographic location. Aggregators need a way to access this information and obtain accurate data, which is not possible without a global pool of IP addresses.
How can IPRoyal Help You with Travel Fare Aggregation?
Aggregation websites all over the world trust us for all their website scraping and price intelligence needs. Here are the top three reasons why:
Reliable Real-Time Data
An unreliable proxy is worthless if it's unreliable. With 99.9% uptime, incredible customizability, and a global pool of IPs, our solutions offer global travel fare aggregation you can trust.
Successful Scraping
Our global proxy pool allows you to replace your IP address with a new one in seconds, making you indistinguishable from a human website visitor. This enables effortless scraping on an endless number of data sources all over the world.
No Location Limits
A network that has proxies all over the world ensures travel fare aggregation is always 100% accurate. With genuine proxies in every continent and country you're interested in, IPRoyal ensures every check you perform will get the results you need.
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